Animated Social Media Posts

Nils Pospischil
3. August 2020

Most of the videos published on social media platforms use animations to increase the attention of the audience. Audiocado enables you to promote your podcast or audio with engaging videos in an easy way. By animating your audio you already increase your attention of your followers. But you can animate much more. You can animate headlines, images etc. Everything you can see in your social media posts can be animated. Everything with motion increase the attention of your audience!

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How much accuracy can you expect from Google and Co when they transcribe your podcast

Max Weber
28. Juli 2020

We often tend to overestimate what computers are able to accomplish. On the other hand we underestimate the difficulty of the tasks which we as human perform everyday almost effortlessly. One of these human superpowers is the ability to understand what our fellows are speaking. While this ability seems pretty easy for us, it is incredible difficult for a computer. For decades there was no significant progress in computer science to increase the accuracy of software that tries to recognize the words spoken in an audio recording. I remember my father in the late 90s spending hours speaking to his office computer via a headset to train a new speech recognition software. But even with hours of training the error rate of these software programs were annoying, so that you was better off spending the time to improve your typing speed on the computer keyboard.

But in the last few years there has been a major breakthrough in this area with the advent of deep learning. All the fancy stuff like Amazon Alexa, Tesla's self driving cars and Google DeepMind's victories over the most advanced Go players and computer gamers, were possible through deep learning.

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Share your podcast on Instagram stories

Tobias Manroth
21. Juli 2020

Instagram is the go-to social platform to do online marketing. Especially the story format can be used to advertise interactively and exclusively. That being said, long-form audio content like podcasts or music is not meant to be shared on social media - no one wants to listen to audio longer than a few seconds while browsing through Instagram. You cannot even upload audio content via the app.

Sharing teaser videos on Instagram stories offer your some serious advantages:

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