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The perfect podcast name: how to find the right name for your podcast

What's the first thing potential listeners see in relation to your podcast? Your podcast's name! This is why it's important to find a name that not only describes exactly what you and your podcast stand for, but also attracts as much attention as possible. So, in this article, we'll explain how you can find a name that's just right for your podcast.

Why is your podcast's name so important?

One of the key goals with your podcast is to attract new listeners. Your podcast's name is one of the first touchpoints strangers have with you and your podcast.

Potential listeners will see your podcast cover and the name of your podcast and then make a decision very quickly: they will either be interested enough to listen in or they will just keep scrolling. Having an easily recognizable name is also key. If your name is memorable, it will help listeners find your podcast again faster.

Search engines also play a big role in naming your podcast. Of course, you want your podcast to show up when people search for keywords or queries that match your name. For that to happen, you need relevant keywords in your podcast title.

Besides Google, there are a few other platforms that will be important for you to consider. Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google Podcasts all function as search engines. You should make sure your podcast shows up in the results for relevant searches on each platform.

How do I pick a suitable name?

It's best to start with a few key questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What topic/area do you want to focus on with your podcast?
  • What is special about your podcast?
  • Do you have certain words or terms that you definitely want to include in your name?
  • If you already have some initial ideas, is the podcast name you are thinking of memorable and unique?

Where is the best place to do research?

First of all, you can search for your desired name on the relevant podcast platforms. So, just enter the podcast name at Apple Podcast and Spotify, for example. If no podcast already exists with the name you want to use, you are free to use it.

In addition, you should check search engines to see if there is a domain available with your desired name. Furthermore, make sure the name doesn't violate any trademark rights, so you are protected from liability.

Main title and subtitle of your podcast

Often, podcast titles consist of two parts, the main title and the subtitle. The main title of your podcast should be short and catchy. Then, for more detailed explanations, there is the subtitle. The subtitle helps make it clearer what your podcast offers your target audience. In sum, the complete title should be both striking and descriptive.

What mistakes should I avoid?

One mistake that companies make especially often is to give their podcasts the same name as their company. Doing so tends to discourage potential listeners because they perceive the podcasts as just being advertisements. It is better to give the corporate podcast a name that is different from the company name.

Do I need to include the word "podcast" in my name? When listeners search for podcasts in the podcast app, it doesn't matter if “podcast” is also in the title. However, it does seem a bit redundant. Plus, the word "podcast" says little about your content. In general, it is better to opt for words that actually describe your podcast’s content.

Logically, you shouldn't use expletives and offensive words for your podcast name. Apple Podcasts does a very thorough review of every podcast and if offensive words are included in the title, the podcast will not be approved. Extra tip: be aware of this within your podcast episodes as well. Apple checks and removes podcasts that do not adhere to its guidelines.

Conclusion: A good name can help make your podcast a success

Your podcast's name can be a big factor in your podcast’s potential for success. First impressions count; based on its name, potential listeners will decide whether your podcast is worth listening to or not. To get your podcast started successfully, make sure that its name is short, crisp, and simple, and that it reflects the content of your podcast. Avoid difficult podcast names that are not memorable and that are hard to understand at first glance.

Give yourself enough time to choose your name. If you already have a community from other projects, you can also use their input. Take polls and get feedback on what they think of the podcast names you are considering.

Your podcast's name will also play a big role in your marketing. For example, one important marketing format you should consider using is audiograms. Audiograms are short videos that combine an audio clip from your podcast with the sound waveform and an image. Audiograms are a great way to promote your podcast on social media because they are real eye-catchers. They stand out much more than just an image file or audio clip, so people are more likely to check out a podcast if they see an audiogram of it.

Creating audiograms is really easy, especially if you already have ready-made artwork and a catchy podcast name. Programs like Audiocado are free and allow you to create great audiograms in just a few minutes. Try out Audiocado now for completely free!

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